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40. Jahrgang - InternetAusgabe 2006
Arno Tausch
SvZ Net 2006


From “Washington” Towards

A “Vienna Consensus”?

By Dr. Arno TAUSCH (*), Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Innsbruck University

"This book is a welcome and timely endeavour to the study of Globalization, which as we know is the currency of contemporary economic and political debates. It is very broad in scope and its more than 40 pages of references provides the most complete survey for research and information on this field that I've already seen. Undoubtedly an outstanding contribution to the field of international politics, which deserves pride of place in the library of any scholar interested in political and social sciences".

Prof. Dr. Tessaleno Devezas, Systems scientist, University of Beira Interior, Portugal

"I hope your book enjoys a wide readership."

Glenn Firebaugh, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Demography, Pennsylvania State University, USA, and author "The New Geography of Global Income Inequality", Harvard University Press

"A pioneering undertaking, stressing the importance of active behavior to face different challenges of globalization. Not less importantly, it underlines the urgent need for future-oriented forms of global governance in order to manage, and orient global processes and to contribute to creating a 21st century mentality in the largest possible part of our societies."

András Inotai, director general, Institute for World Economics, Budapest

"I am pleased to add my recommendation to your publication".

Jeffrey D. Kentor, Associate Professor, and Director of Graduate Studies; Department of Sociology, University of Utah; USA, Editor "International Journal of Comparative Sociology"


Autor: Dr. Arno Tausch
From "Washigton" towards a "Vienna Consensus"? - A quantitative analysis on globalization, development and global governace
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Año: 2006
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Centro Argentino de Estudios Internacionales, Buenos Aires


“The just ordering of society and the State is a central responsibility of politics. As Augustine once said, a State which is not governed according to justice would be just a bunch of thieves: “Remota itaque iustitia quid sunt regna nisi magna latrocinia?””

 Pope Benedict XVI, Encyclical Letter “Deus Caritas Est”, 28, a (2006)

(*) Arno Tausch is in his academic function Adjunct Professor (Universitaetsdozent) of Political Science at Innsbruck University, Department of Political Science, A-6020 Innsbruck University; Innrain 52/III; Austria (Founder: Professor Anton Pelinka). In his professional functions, he is involved in the process of the enlargement of the European Union since 1992. His research program is focused on world systems studies, development and dependency studies, European studies, and quantitative peace research. Available book publications: Opinions expressed in this contribution are exclusively those of the author in his capacity as adjunct professor at Austrian Universities.